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Tour Guide in Budapest

Private Tours

Do you prefer to explore the city at your own pace?
Do you want to save time having a private guide to show you around?
That’s how I can serve you.

Tour guide Agnes My name is Agnes.
I live in Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, Europe.I am a licensed professional tour guide. In the past 17 years I met more then 2000 people, couples, families, friends and individuals coming via internet from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Israel, Germany and other countries taking part in private tours with me in Budapest and Hungary. As a personal guide I am proud of myself leaving them with nice memories.

private guide Agnes during sightseeing

I know a couple of tour guides who would be pleased to serve you making private tours in Budapest and Hungary.
Search and find your private guide at Driver Guides.
Your personal guide will take you on sightseeing in Budapest or a customized private tour throughout the country.
In Budapest the private tour can be performed by car or minivan, where you will have some stops to look at the sights closer.
An other option is to walk to the most important sights taking some trams, subways or busses.
Whether you are a business traveller or on holiday we can give you a memorable travel experience for a reasonable price.

Budapest tours and sights.
Private Tours in Hungary

Prince Parliament View Castle Vajdahunyad Szechenyi Baths

Do you need help, information or private tours?

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